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1. BSSF Slag Processing
BSSF is an advanced metallurgical molten slag processing technology self-developed by Baosteel, with completely independent intellectual property rights. It has 35 patents and 16 technical secretes. The BSSF technology once won the second prize of 2007 China National Technical Invention Award, the first prize in "New idea, New Invention and New Technology" International innovation Expo held in Hamburg, Germany.

The technology first achieved the goals that the slag for steel-making does not fall on the floor and can be cleaned rapidly and wholly. The technology is widely used and applied in Baosteel and Masteel, JSW India and other large and medium sized steel works at home and abroad.
Technical Advantage:

  • Short processing flow, high efficiency
  • Broad adaptability and high safety in performance
  • Good environmental protection and high quality in finished slag
Typical projects

Slag treatment device of Baosteel No. 2 steel-making plant
Feature: the 1st BSSF slag treatment device
Starting date for production: 1998.6

Revamping of BSSF slag treatment, Baosteel Branch
Quantity: 7 sets
Starting date for production: 2004-2008


(unit: set)

Starting date for production
No.2 steel-making plant, Baosteel Branch 2 1998-2003
No.2 steel-making plant, Baosteel Branch 3 2003-2005
EAF, Baosteel Branch 2 2006-2009
Stainless Steel Branch, Baosteel Co .,Ltd. 1 2005
Medium Plant Branch, Baosteel Co., Ltd 2 2007
Xinjiang Bayi Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. 2 2008
Meishan Steel Plant 2 2008
Nanchang Steel Plant 1 2000
Xuanhua Steel Plant 1 2000
No. slag treatment plant, Masteel 3 2007-2009
JSW Steel Plant,India 3 2009